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Shanghai Ocean University of Refrigeration and Cryogenic

going to have problems. Shanghai Ocean University of Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering disciplines frozen food science professor Xie Jing said, will result in improper operation of liquid ammonia pipeline pressure is too high, so that the cap off; additionally used for too long, loose joints, or a recent Repair split-off did not tighten the cap may have resulted in loss.Security is not in placeXie Jing respect, although there may be several reasons why the cap off, « but if the proper protective measures, and will not cause so many casualties. »State Administration of Work Safety on the health hazards of ammonia explicit description: eye, respiratory tract and stimulate a strong corrosive effect; acute ammonia poisoning cause eye and respiratory tract irritation, bronchitis or bronchial inflammation and pneumonia.However, at least six worked in plant accident staff confirmed to nike free run 3 canada reporters that they had not been informed in pre-service and the

 risk of ammonia, but also there has been no production and fire safety knowledge nike free 5.0 cheap and training, it is unclear whether a person responsible for ammonia security management.Shanghai Fisheries Group Marketing Center Longmen frozen aquatic plant technician who declined to be named, said the reporter, but also ammonia refrigeration plant cold storage for liquid ammonia has strict management system, employees must go through three pre-job safety education, understanding of the health hazards of ammonia.Professor Xie Jing said the safe operation of the training industry professionals really need strengthening. « Now Grandfather fewer and fewer migrant workers with minimal training on employment, relatively low skills, operational experience is relatively small, in case of emergency handling ability is poor, slow response. » She said.The reporter also found that the majority of plant Weng card company hourly workers was 9.5

million, on a monthly statement. These people are « temporary », by the foreman to the company, salary is transferred by the Company to the foreman, did not give temporary workers go through any social insurance.Jingjing and small partners complained to reporters: « As long as there have shrimp come to work every day in order to finish the work. Longest someone working continuously 27 hours. As we work at night also on the 19 hours. »Refrigeration industry chaosAt present, Shanghai Safety Authority has been deployed in the nike free run 2 canada online city to use ammonia production units to carry out safety checks.In fact, because of Jilin « 6.3″ incident and the May special domestic incident of major accidents, the State Council called early June to the end of September in the country carried out safety inspections, the State Security Committee inspection team is also in July to September in Shanghai production safety supervision. Reporters in Baoshan District Safety Authority

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