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meditation and self-cultivation of the road

His website says he teaches yoga, meditation and self-cultivation of the road, in India and abroad has about 350 practice sites. Indian media reports, Asa Ram alleged August 15 Jodhpur city in Rajasthan, India ashram outside a sexual assault a 16-year-old female followers.The girl’s parents told police, Asa Ram said, the girl was evil spirits control, you need to be alone with him, to accept the « slayer. » Two days later, the girls tell their parents, she and the « master » when alone had been sexually assaulted. They find Asa Ram seek explanation, refused to meet them and then the police.Jodhpur police on August 26 summoned Asa Ram and asked him five days to the police station for examination. Asa Ram police spokesman initially refused to acknowledge receipt of summons notice.The girl’s father the morning of August 31 began a hunger strike, ask the police to immediately nike free 5.0 mens canada arrest Asa Ram.Police « high standard » treatment »Times of India » reported that

 Asa Ram August 30 « disappeared », and the police eventually found him hiding in the nike free 3.0 v4 womens largest city of Madhya Pradesh Indore an ashram. Jodhpur police on August 31 sent police to arrest ashram Asa Ram. Asa Ram’s son told the media that his father in poor health, being treated. However, along with the police action Asa Ram medical staff checks the physical condition, finds that he can go to Jodhpur for examination.At the time, there are hundreds of ashram devotees, police sent out a large number of police to prevent violence. Police on August 31 after midnight arrests Asa Ram, take him to the airport, 1 September arrived in Jodhpur. Asa Ram in Jodhpur airport, take a « luxury car » to leave, heavily armed police were escorted bus ride 7. »Times of India » comment, Jodhpur police to take « unprecedented » precautionary measures at the airport, streets, Asa Ram’s ashram, the police received a report deployed police girl. Girls have also been a

closely guarded residence. « Hindustan Times » reported that the police nike free 3.0 v5 canada expulsion Jodhpur ashram outside Asa Ram within about 500 followers, while blocking the road around the city, to prevent his followers into the city. At least 13 believers who assaulted four reported rapes of reporters were arrested.Speech many times by batchAsa Ram is a controversial figure in India. In January, he told followers, last December a female college student in New Delhi on private transportation vehicle was gang-raped cases, the liability shall be assumed entirely by the perpetrators. If the victim to criminals pleading, you can against atrocities. These remarks led to a public outcry, condemned. August 29, Asa Ram at a press conference to deny allegations of sexual abuse, said he was framed political figures.Asa Ram said that he does not support any political party, nor hostile foreign female. « I’m not the only goal …… the lady and her son participated in a

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