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including the first session of the Abe Cabinet

Therefore, including the first session of the Abe Cabinet, including the subsequent successive Japanese Cabinet also made it clear that inheritance « Murayama conversation. »Murayama said Abe became prime minister in the second, but declared that « will not inherit intact ‘Murayama conversation,’ » and that « the definition of aggression in the international inconclusive, » made it nike huarache free run clear that you want to modify.  » Murayama conversation.  » Although the intention is not clear how to modify Abe « Murayama talk », but if you deny that aggression will lead to relevant States after the Japanese Prime Minister’s speech served as a serious distrust. »The Prime Minister should not visit the Yasukuni Shrine. »Murayama said that after World War II, the Japanese professor of history education rarely modern history, so that now most Japanese do not understand the past war. Learn the correct history of the past will not only help build friendly relations

with neighboring countries, but also for the future development of Japan, also has great significance. »It is precisely because the Japanese accepted the » Potsdam Proclamation « , » Cairo Declaration « and the Tokyo trial verdict, was able to return to the international community. » Murayama said that if the Japanese prime minister and cabinet members visit the Yasukuni Shrine honors Class A war criminals , it means that Japan denies the previously accepted international treaties. « I think the Prime Minister and his cabinet members should not visit the Yasukuni Shrine. Despite the recent revision of the constitution to become a major issue, but I’m definitely not modified to respect fundamental human rights, peace and democracy for the tone of Japan’s current constitution. »Murayama said at last, in the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Museum, there is a stone tablet inscribed « Never nike free run 3 womens make the mistake repeated. » « I think this is not just the people of Hiroshima

 oath, it should be all Japanese nationals oath is a peaceful country in the direction indicated by the Constitution of Japan. »Morning News reporter Han Na People ProfileMurayama 81st Prime Minister of Japan, is Japan’s history after nike free run 2 womens sale Morihiro Hosokawa as prime minister after the second victim of verbal apology to World War II Asian statesman, Prime Minister Murayama’s attitude to face history by Asian neighbors praise. Current Japan-China Friendship Association, honorary consultant, Japan Friends of Hunan Province, Hunan, Japan will be particularly adviser. January 28 this year, he has worked with Japan-China Friendship Association, Kato eleven visit China.Indian police dispatched a large number of police on September 1 morning arrested a Hindu-known « master » (see figure), accusing him of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl.Suspected of « The Exorcist » is sexual assault »Master » Asa Ram Bapu aged 72, has a large number of followers.

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