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chemical weapons caused no small concern

 chemical weapons caused no small concern. SANA said the AP reporter Dai Er ? Gaifulake August 29 issued a document that Damascus opposition to its recognition, the recent case of « chemical weapons incident » is indeed an accident, the opposition in the process provided by the Saudi chemical weapons when mistakes. »Russian Navy warships might surprise visit to Syria! » A Syrian navy to the « Global Times » reporter disclosed: « Now the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean contingent amount has doubled compared to the previous trend. » In fact, Russia 2, 2009 announced that its Black Sea Fleet a scout ship one day before entering the eastern Mediterranean, perform « reconnaissance tasks related to the situation in Syria. » Reuters also released the same day exclusive news that the U.S. « Nimitz » nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and accompanying warships are heading for the Red Sea area, or participate in actions against Syria. Meanwhile, « Truman » aircraft nike air max 1 canada carrier battle group led appeared

 in the western Indian Ocean. »I am very worried about Japanese politics rightist nike air max 2013 canada Japanese politicians need to further study the Japanese modern history, especially in Japan has told its Asian neighbors colonial rule and aggression that period of history, the only way to avoid making the same mistakes. » Yesterday was the Japanese signed an unconditional surrender, ending World War II memorial, « People’s Daily » News published a former Japanese Prime Minister Murayama signed article. Murayama said absolutely not allowed to modify in order to respect fundamental human rights, peace and democracy for the tone of Japan’s current constitution. »Denial of aggression will lead to mistrust. »In this Murayama called « Japanese, how to avoid making the same mistakes  » The article said, Japan as an Asian one, whether from a geopolitical point of view or from the history, all with Asian countries has a close relationship. Japan and other Asian countries must build a firm foundation for trust.

« I was elected prime minister, the first visit to South Korea, China and other Asian countries, personally felt during World War II Japanese colonial rule and aggression, caused to its Asian neighbors can not erase the pain in my prime minister office, coincided with World War II the end of the 50th anniversary of this historical node, Japan needs deep introspection had committed war crimes, and to the world that the future will be determined path of peace, democracy and international coordination of the development nike air max 2012 canada path. « Murayama said, it is in this kind of background, he published « Murayama talk », because the Japanese in the future if you want peaceful coexistence with all countries in Asia and the world, we must conduct a thorough liquidation of past history.Murayama said that it was through the « Murayama talk », South Korea, Japan and other Asian countries recognize the historical issues in the past to draw a line, and began to understand and accept the Japanese.

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