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Baoshan District in the June 4 ammonia refrigeration

Web site, Jilin, « 6.3″ incident, Baoshan District in the June 4 ammonia refrigeration industry to carry out a special inspection of law enforcement.The inspection did not find out why the company have any questions, reporters asked Baoshan District innings, a staff member said, understand the relevant circumstances of the staff have been involved in an accident investigation.Systems Engineer, European energy management division Tao Guangyuan publicly wrote that « from Jilin and Shanghai’s two ammonia spill vicious look, ammonia pipeline apparently laid to staff-intensive area in Shanghai’s this cold, piping through the regional and even There are staff quarters. really do not know Chinese design specifications for this lack of clear regulations, or design personnel who violate the design specifications  « Tao Guangyuan said.In fact, Weng card company is not the nike free 3.0 v5 womens end of the industry enterprises, the company also has safety supervision department

 issued a qualified use of hazardous chemicals, and for the Shanghai Association of Refrigerated Warehouses member companies.For exposure to liquid ammonia leak refrigerator industry chaos, Wan Jin Kang bluntly, « Now is not no standard, but there are a lot of units, construction companies or the user, and did not seriously norms, such as pre-planning unreasonable, time duration, construction are not standardized, maybe some programs saved, and there is certainly a security risk. « Wan said that some cold storage construction project nike free 3.0 v4 cheap even a « trilateral » project – edge design edge construction and rectification, safety hazards worrying, « the government should refrigeration industry, the use of large-scale refrigeration equipment businesses to strengthen supervision. »Wan Jin Kang also called for the industry to strengthen the Shanghai authorities as soon as possible with a cold in the security Screening. He learned that some were built in the

 1950s are still using the old cold storage, « Although these cold for so many years has nike air max 90 womens canada been maintained, but the question is whether the norms of maintenance, really exclude a security risk. »U.S. Secretary of State Warren announced to the outside world on the 1st Syrian government forces used chemical weapons « irrefutable evidence » and to be informed Russia and China. « Neither geographical coordinates, no name, no relevant professionals to extract samples sufficient evidence. » Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the 2nd Institute of International Relations in Moscow speech refuted. Lavrov also declare that Russia and China agreed that the way the Syrian crisis should be resolved through negotiations, the two countries do not accept the repeated use of the language and refused to negotiate an ultimatum-like attempts.UN investigation team went to Syria CW samples have been in the 2nd inspection. At the same time, a new version murderer Syrian

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